Welcome to the AGROWATT website!

The Agrowatt Nonprofit Environmental Services Ltd. was established in 2006 as a project company according to develope the biogas technology and facilitate the hungarian dissemination.
In order to achieve these goals we drew up the creation of a biogas research center many years ago. As a result of many years of hard work we finally achieved our goal. After we selected the construction area the design work started, then came the authorization. The company submitted an application for a non-repayable funding to the EEA Norway Grants in March 2006. After a long evaluation the eagerly awaited „Grant Offer Letter” arrived in July 2008. The grant decision ensured 1,250,000, - EUR resource for the investment. When we possessed the decision and the financing offer of the bank the construction begun: excavation, foundation, structural engineering. Finally, the construction was completed in April 2011 and the normal operation started in September.
Considering the expectations of the European Union our country also needs to increase the proportion of alternative solutions rather than the current fossil energy sources. Taking into account our country's facilities large quantities of organic waste are produced from which can be extract environmentally friendly energy. The company wants to support this production, increase the effectiveness with research and assist in the development with the results. The company would like to create a self-sufficient biogas centre which obtains the sources of experiments and educational activities and wants to use it to formulate and conduct R & D activities.We would like to involve the educational institutions in the activities and do wide-ranging research work and qualitative professional publications with their help.
With the processing of wastes and the resultant by-products in the food industry and agriculture alternative, regenerative resources can be generated beside the current energy sources.The conception of the Agrowatt Kft. is to introduce and research a still new procedure in Hungary with using up the mix of agricultural and food industrial by-products and wastes of the area to make significant improvement in the energy supply. In practice, this happens in the biogas research center where we test different experimental mixes to reach as much gas production as possible. We would like to help the similar investments utilizing innovative, alternative energy sources to increase efficiency with using and sharing the experiences of the research. The result of the studies can lead to professional knowledge which can decrease the waste in recycling and the state of the environment can be an improve.  The goals are to accelerate the research with the dissemination and education of the acquired knowledge, and the results can be applied in practical life. The company’s further important strategic goal to join in the professional training in Hungary with organize trade shows and courses.